The Warband of Llael

At the behest of Marshal Grissel Bloodsong, Borka Kegslayer has taken command of a warband bent on raiding the remains of Llael. Their purpose is to seize valuable territory to be used as leverage in bargaining for better treaty terms with Cygnar. Borka is still gathering some of the rowdier shen – especially those who have chafed under the increasing military discipline of the United Kriels army. In the meantime, Grissel has dispatched an advance force under Grim Angus to begin raiding in Llael (and to provide tactical counsel to Borka upon his arrival).

Roster (Current Total: 52 CC)



  • Dire Troll Mauler (9)
  • Troll Axer (6)
  • Troll Bouncer (5)


  • 9 Pyg Burrowers & Leader (6)
  • 9 Trollkin Fennblades & Leader (8)
    • Fennblades Officer & Drummer (2)
  • The Sons of Bragg (6)


  • Fell Caller Hero (3)
  • Trollkin Champion Hero (3)
  • Stone Scribe Chronicler (2)
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress (2)


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